29320日(月)~27日(月)の78日で、東京にて開催された「Toshiba Youth Club Asia」(主催:東芝国際交流財団。以下、TYCA)に本校の1年生2名(引率1名)が参加しました。本校の参加は昨年度に引き続き、2回目です。今回引率したグローカルコーディネーターのMaiaさんのレポートを下記に掲載します。


TYCA Report

From March 20th to 27th, two of our 1st grade students from Oki Dozen High School had the pleasure of participating in the Toshiba Youth Club Asia Vol.3 (TYCA Vol.3).


What is it?

The TYCA program is organized by the Toshiba International Foundation and the Toshiba Thai Foundation. It is held once a year in Tokyo to promote cultural exchanges between youths from ASEAN countries (Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Vietnam, and Thailand) and Japan.

For Vol.3, participants from the 6 ASEAN countries: Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, and Japan had an invaluable time to consider and create 'Asia Vision 2040' together. In order to come up with the vision, the participants were encouraged to exchange and discuss views on issues that will impact the future of Asia - such as environmental issues, advanced technological solutions, sustainability, and international cooperation.



The program provided many priceless learning opportunities for the participants. Spending eight days with participants from seven countries was like traveling and learning about those countries without having to travel there. The participants bonded well with one another, shared each other's culture and views on various social, environmental and economical development issues.


One of the big tasks asked of Oki Dozen High School students was to share Ama's kinnyamonya dance. Our students did a fantastic job on the task. Everyone enjoyed the unique culture.



Quality and innovative learning opportunities were provided through a student centered learning (active learning) approach. Playing the board game "Logy & Nomy" provided an eye opening experience on learning the importance of balancing the development of ecology and economy for sustainable economic development. Furthermore, the students learned the importance of diplomatic and international cooperation.


The International Mock Negotiation session, lead by professors of Tokyo University, was the extension of the lessons from the "Logy & Nomy" game. Students had to consider solving a real life issue from the ASEAN region. Moreover, visits to the Tokyo Hydrogen Museum, Toyota Mega Web (for a hydrogen car test drive), and Toshiba Science Museum provided a hands-on approach to learn technology and social innovation.


Challenges and Growth

The program was run in a complete English immersion setting. This was another opportunity to learn English in one of the most effective ways but it was also a big challenge. At times it was overwhelming. However, with the warm support from the facilitators, advisors, and the cooperation from other peers, our students persevered and showed beautiful growth both in ability and mentality.


Vision and Future

The final task for the participants was to create 'Asia Vision 2040' in their respective groups and to come up with their own action plans as an individual in accordance with their vision. One could look forward to how the participants will carry out their action plans to continue the positive impacts they acquired from the program.


An Experience and Opportunity not to be Missed!

Overall it was an incredibly empowering program where a powerful synergy can be felt when a big corporate company such as Toshiba, an NPO, and education specialists come together to provide an educational opportunity for our intelligent and respectful youths. This was the second time Oki Dozen High School had an honor of joining the program. We had the pleasure of meeting one of the previous volume participants from Oki Dozen High School called Rei Iwai. He became one of the facilitating staff taking time during his university spring vacation. He was a great role model for everyone as a prominent alumni of the program. It is an experience and opportunity not to be missed. Do not hesitate to sign up for TYCA Vol.4!